Julie Alagde Carretas - Plana Forma
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Julie Alagde Carretas

“Gifted with the ability to inspire others to be better versions of themselves through movement.”

qualification blue plana iconForma Qualifications:
Trained in Physique 57, New York City | Certified Zumba Instructor (B1, B2, Toning, Gold, Pro Skills) Greenpath Vinyasa Yoga Certified (Clayton Horton)

mantra blue plana iconForma Mantra:
“Forma creates bodies and minds that are both equally strong and flexible.”

trivia blue plana iconForma Trivia:

Julie’s passion for the human body and movement has taken her from dance, rhythmic gymnastics, pilates, yoga to many other varied forms of physical activity and to many cities throughout the world. Her fascination of the human body continues to inspire her in learning and exploring the infinite possibilities of using and caring for what she thinks is a “work of Art and Science”.