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FORMA Shape of the Week: Pretzel

FORMA Shape of the Week: Pretzel

Challenging sculpter!


This FORMA shape carves down the outside of your seat to work your hamstrings while toning and slimming your waist by working your obliques. Pretzel also strengthens and defines your upper back muscles, giving you beautiful posture!





How to do it?


  1. Get down to the floor or mat and bring your front leg to a 90-degree angle.
  2. Pull your other leg behind your knee and lift your foot off the floor.
  3. Squeeze your glutes tightly and maintain your hip position.
  4. Lean to the opposite diagonal leg until your working knee lifts an inch off the floor.
  5. Maintain a lifted chest, engage your core, and move your leg with a flexed or pointed foot.
  6. Squeeze to create a small movement from left to right or up and down.


What It Does?

Pretzel targets different muscle groups from glutes to hamstrings, from obliques to abs.


#thighwarrior tip: Raise your arms or prayer position, and extend your working leg to make it even more challenging!

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