FAQs - Plana Forma
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Frequently Asked Questions:


What time should I arrive before class begins?


1.) Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the scheduled class to give yourself enough time to fill out the student’s registration form and meet your trainer. This will give you enough time to address any injuries or physical issues, ask questions regarding the class and the technique.


Can I come in after class has started?


2.) We value your attendance and safety so 5-10 minutes into class, the studio doors will be closed for late comers.


I’m new the barre technique, which class do you recommend I take?


3.) New clients are recommended to join a Core or Strength Forma classe to get familiar with the basic Forma positions.  Do not hesitate to ask questions before and after class to better understand the Plana FORMA™  technique. The instructors are always available to answer any questions you have.



How often should I take classes in a week?

4.) To get the most out of your Plana FORMA ™   classes and see rapid results, we advise at least 3 classes a week.



The Plana FORMA ™  experience is ever challenging and never the same. Find a class which you feel best suits your needs but always try something new.

early bird

Early birds and warriors

Let’s be fashionably early and arrive 15 minutes before class. 


Keep your feet happy

Don’t forget to bring a pair of non-slip socks. If you don’t have non-slip socks, worry not, we have a sexy selection available for purchase at the studio.


Find your perfect mats

Remember to bring your Yoga mat to Forma Asana, Forma Flow and Ashtanga classes. There are mats for rent at the Front Desk if you haven’t found your mat yet.

forma fitting

Best to wear comfortable & snug bottoms such as leggings or athletic pants. Wearing loose shorts may make you feel uncomfortable classes involve movements that can be a bit revealing.


Let’s enjoy the class with our minds
and phones in silent mode.